PS Vita Shows Off Some Glasses-Free 3D Trickery via Gravity Rush

Did you see that? Or was it just me? While playing the Gravity Rush Demo on the PlayStation Vita I was caught off guard by a specific cut scene that clearly showed some sort of glasses-free 3D trickery.

I’m not sure how Sony was able to accomplish this, but during the cut-scene (non-3D images shown below) the PlayStation Vita was showing off some sort of 3D trickery that made me look twice. It appears that the 360 movement of the cut-scene along with a distant background made this possible. This left me believing that Sony could in-fact make glasses-free 3D simulation happen on the Vita. This wasn’t “pop-out in your eye” 3D, it was more like what you would find when playing the 3DS with 3D on. If you want to see this, make sure you download the Gravity Rush Demo from PSN store. Let us know what you think. You can also read my quick demo impressions here.

  • fatandsloppy

    ah, the simple joys of life as an idiot. i wish i could experience the world through your eyes and be amazed at simple crap like this. 

    how does controlling simulated depth perception with a gyroscope make it look any more “real” than controlling it with a thumbstick or mouse? it doesn’t.

    and for the record, it looks NOTHING like the 3D effect provided by the 3DS. 

    • Alf

       You shouldn’t get all worked up for something that actually works without glasses.  How’s your 3DS treating you? Keeping he 3D feature on at all times?

      • fatandsloppy

        …my 3DS is treating me fine, thanks for asking!! and yes, i do keep the 3D on at all times – how did you know? 

  • Skinnyandright

    fatandsloppy is simply fatandsloppy where he smothers  his sticky food stained 3DS all over his face at night.

    • fatandsloppy

      oooh, how clever! nothing says ‘retard’ like a pathetic attempt at using the name someone GAVE THEMSELVES as an insult.

      • Simpledude34

         Ok, i think we get it, sir. You’re not fond of the Vita, plain and simple. No need to get overly emotional about it. You are here for a reason, because you thought it was a topic good enough for you to leave a comment. If you spend any more time here, your two comments prove this. Move on if you don;t like it, plain and simple. No need to get overly raged.

        • fatandsloppy

          you’re confused. i was just making fun of a dummy conflating gyroscopic control of depth perception with “glasses free 3D”. i own a vita and love it, for the record.

  • simosay

    strange but this 3D effect is actually better looking than the 3DS…