Unlock or Delete: Ridge Racer Unbounded Demo (Xbox 360)

I just got the chance to to check out the demo for Ridge Racer Unbounded today, and oh boy was it a lot of fun. The demo itself is around 718 MB  or so, and is currently available for download for the Xbox 360 (not sure about PS3). So what did I think of it? Well, for anybody who didn’t read the first line of this article, here’s the bottom line, the game is a blast. Anything involving a way to let out some aggression, without getting in trouble for doing so, is alright in my book.

The Good: Being able to destroy just about everything in the environment is enjoyable for obvious reasons. The controls are simple and easy to understand. Level designs are bright and colorful, and have quite a bit of variety as to how you can traverse through them. Sound effects are impactful and intimidating to say the least. Gameplay is fast, frantic, and very exciting.

The Bad: Excellent controls aside, sometimes drifting doesn’t work the way it should, which in turn leads to some very cheap crashes that could ruin any race. Not being able to actually mess around with the track editor is pretty disappointing as well.

Final Demo Verdict: Definitely worth the time for anybody interested in some vehicle on vehicle mayhem, download it now.