Diablo III Is the Fastest Selling PC Game Ever

Have you picked up a copy of the fastest selling PC game in history? Undoubtedly, Diablo III was set to break records; Blizzard found a way to reach to the general public. Despite some unhappy long-time fans of the game and the annoying server take-downs, Blizzard has managed to put together a game that has proved to appeal to many gamers. Over $6.3 million to be exact, making it the fast-selling PC game of all time.

Activision confirmed that the game sold over 3.5 million copies in its first 24 hours of availability, following its May 15th launch.
By the end of its first week, that number increased to 6.3 million, and not including players in Korean Internet game rooms.

Who in the heck said that PC gaming was dead?