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Nintendo DSi TQ

Welcome to another installment of Flashback Fridays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at a device from Nintendo  that added a new feature never seen before seen on their handheld consoles, downloadable games . The system that I am referring to is one of my favorite portable devices in recent memory, the Nintendo DSi.

In early 2009, a new handheld system called the Nintendo DSi had just arrived in stores across America. This may not come as any surprise to you guys, but I already had my pre-order set up for this at Gamestop months in advance (sad I know). On the night of the midnight sale, I went to go pick it up, and as soon as my hands opened up that box and turned the system on, all bets were off. There was just something about the device that made it stand out amongst it’s predecessors.

One of the first features my girlfriend and I tried out on the system was the digital camera (which there were two of). While we had a lot of fun messing around with some of the goofy designs it had, this feature didn’t really stand out to us at all. The voice recorder was kind of cool too, but after a few times of recording obscure noises and pretending to act like Darth Vader, we decided that it was time to move on. Then there was the Nintendo DSi Shop, which introduced digital content for the first time onto their handheld devices, and ended up becoming the sole reason why I purchased this console in the first place, to play downloadable games.

At first, releases for the DSiWare service were lacking, but after awhile, things started to pick up. Some of my favorite titles on here include Photo Dojo, which allowed people to take pictures of themselves with the camera, and then create characters with them that they could use to fight other people. Flipnote Studio was another delightful title, but felt more like an application than an actual game, and gave gamers the chance to create some unique digital content that they could share with others. By far my favorite experience ever on this service has to go to Mighty Flip Champs. It was a unique title that required the player to keep an eye on both screens in order to survive, and offered up enough of a challenge that would make even the most seasoned gamers blush.

Sadly after the 3DS came out though, this device became a distant memory. Still, it was a great system for it’s time, and should never be forgotten. If you are looking for a simple alternative to the 3DS that won’t strain your eyes and give you a headache then by all means check this little slice of portable heaven out as soon as possible, you won’t be disappointed.

That concludes my story on the Nintendo DSi, but if you have any fond memories of this system please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

P.S.- Here is a quick gameplay video that I made just for fun, Enjoy!

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