Unlock or Delete: Ninja Gaiden 3 Demo (Xbox 360)

I just got the chance to play the Ninja Gaiden 3 demo yesterday. The demo itself is around 435 MB or so and is currently available for download for the Xbox 360 (not sure about PS3). So what I did think of the demo? Well, to be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t really impressed with it at all. Aside from a few cool cutscenes and executions, this was just another hack and slash experience that didn’t really do enough to stand out from the other hundred titles from this genre.

The Good: The visual presentation was decent. Some of the animations were cool to watch, especially when it came to stealth kills. Controls for combat are simple to understand.

The Bad: The combat system was a little bit clunky, and hit detection was extremely poor. Some of the quicktime events felt extremely unnecessary, such as climbing up a building. Something like that should be regulated to a simple action to keep things moving along, because forcing the player to perform these tasks over and over again can become quite frustrating . The voice acting was incredibly bad as well, and was way too cheesy, even for a game like this.

The Ugly: The camera is just downright atrocious. For most of the demo I couldn’t even see who to hit or what to do because it kept getting stuck in some strange positions that would prohibit me from seeing any part of the environment whatsoever.

Final Demo Verdict: Even though being a ninja sounds like fun, I think I’m going to pass on this one.