2 Trophies 1 Platinum: L.A. Noire

It took me longer than expected but I’m back with obtaining my 37th platinum on L.A. Noire. Developers like to place collectibles within their game in order to obtain the platinum but Rockstar took it a little further and made four different sets of collectibles that almost made give up on the whole journey. Nonetheless I persevered completed all the tasks and finally unlocked the Platinum.

2 Trophies:
Hollywoodland :Find and inspect all gold film canisters.

The best way to obtain this trophy is:
Use the maps I added at the video to find the missing reels and I also provided a little more visual help on the last five reels.

The City of the Angels : Reach 100% Game Complete

Best way to obtain this trophy is:
Complete all Cases with a 5 Star Rating
Complete all Street Crimes
Drive all 95 vehicles
Locate all Landmarks
Find all Newspapers
Find all Film Reels

1 Platinum:
Platinum Trophy: Collect all other Trophies to unlock.

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