Pax East 2012: Best of Show

Alright, time to get to the good stuff. Here are some of my favorite games from the show floor at Pax East 2012.

1. Mark of the Ninja

Leave it to the creators of Shank to come up with a 2D downloadable title that focuses more on stealth than straight up action. The moment my hands touched the controller I was instantly hooked. Each area is an exercise in patience and awareness that will test gamers abilities in a number of different ways. Looks like Klei is taking a risk with this one, let’s just hope that it pays off when the game releases sometime this year.

2. Joe Danger: The Movie

Sometimes simplicity can be a wonderful thing, especially when it comes to the Joe Danger series. The first installment was a delightful single player experience that had an incredible amount of charm, along with enough replay value to keep people coming back for more. While the sequel doesn’t look much different than the first, one thing that sets it apart is the new multiplayer component, which is an absolute blast to play. Those looking for a good time with friends may want to check this one out, whenever an official release date is revealed of course.

3. Deadlight

Sorry if every title on this list is a downloadable one, but it’s just the type of games that i’m into. Hand Holding has become a big part of the video games industry nowadays, so when a game decides to leave you on your own for a change, it turns every conception we have had about these experiences over the years upside down, and that is just downright awesome. What the people over at Tequila Works have decided to do is create a world in which the only objective given to the player is to survive, that’s it. Anybody out there who is in the mood for something a little bit different should definitely consider checking this one out as soon as these developers decide to release it.

4. Quantum Conundrum

Now normally I don’t get into physics based 3D platformers all that much but for some reason this title grabbed my attention with it’s unique concept. Every action you perform is based on a set of powers that can change the density of specific objects within your environment. Feel like riding a kitchen table like a surfboard? Interested in shooting a crate into a container to activate a switch? up for throwing a object into the air, then in mid flight changing its weight so that the item can break through a glass wall? Don’t worry, Quantum Conundrum can do all of these things and then some. Those looking for something that requires them to put their thinking caps on should definitely check this one out when it arrives on all digital platforms this summer.

Some other games I had a great time with include everybody’s favorite hedgehog entitled Sonic 4: Episode II, an enjoyable twin stick shooter by the name of Majestic 12, a very unusual storybook sidescroller called Black Knight Sword, and one of the funniest beat em ups that I have played in along time called Orc Attack.

Well, that wraps up my coverage of this years Pax East. I had a great time, and definitely can’t wait to do it again next year.

Please share your comments on all of our updates in the comments below, have fun!