Pax East 2012: Worst of Show

Now that the dust has settled and the excitement is over it’s time to take a look at some of my favorite and least favorite games from Pax East 2012. Let’s go over the worst ones first because wrapping up this event on a low note is just simply not my style.

1. Lollipop Chainsaw

Usually any experience that involves a chainsaw wielding, physically endowed cheerleader is going to attract the attention of gamers for obvious reasons. Too bad that this is really the only thing that Lollipop Chainsaw has going for it though, because the game itself is just downright generic. There is just nothing about the gameplay at all that makes me think that this title is any different than a number of different hack and slash games on the market already. Hopefully some changes will be made before launch, but as of right now, my interest in this field trip gone horribly wrong is simply non existent.

2. Wheels of Destruction

Now most car combat games offer up plenty of mindless destructive fun that is both accessible and enjoyable for the people who play them. Apparently the developers who created this one did not get that memo and decided to come up with a game focused more on making people throw their controllers across the room instead. When making a car turn becomes a difficult task to perform, chances are that doing anything else just isn’t going to be very enjoyable either. If anybody out there is in desperate need of blowing cars up, look elsewhere, because this title simply just doesn’t make the cut.

3. Girl Fight

Let me get something out of the way here before all kinds of hatred starts to pour in, I, in no way shape or form, am trying to be hateful or derogatory towards women at all what so ever. This was just another classic example of visual presentation trying to make people overlook what is an otherwise mediocre 2.5D fighting experience. Many of the actions the tutorial told me to perform did not respond to what the character was doing onscreen, and in games such as these, that can be a serious problem. Next time work on mechanics first before provide eye candy people, but that is what’s most important.

Hope you enjoyed this brief look at my least favorite games of the event. Be on the lookout for my best of selections very soon right here at