Pax East 2012: Day 2 Wrap Up

I know that it’s been a couple of days, but I figured it was still necessary to let everyone out there know how my second day of Pax East 2012 went anyways. Saturday was jam packed full of excitement, and included playthroughs of quite a few titles that people should definitely consider checking out. In all honesty, so many different things were going on this time around that it was really hard to keep track of them. So why don’t we go ahead right now and check out some highlights from what I can actually remember.

My first stop for today was at the Square Enix media suite to check out two games, Quantum Conundrum and Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The puzzle and other unique gameplay elements made Quantum really fun to play, and the experience as a whole is something fans of these types of adventures should at least consider playing once. As far as KH on the 3DS goes, it was pretty good, but included a few new additions that will probably take fans of the series a little bit of time to get used to so be on the lookout for some surprises when the game hits store shelves during summer of this year.

The highlight of my day was heading over to Klei Entertainment’s booth to play their latest downloadable offering entitled Mark of the Ninja. This 2D side scroller had the same style visually as Shank, but included a new element that is not really used in these types of games that often, stealth. Each different way players could lure enemies into traps was exciting to watch, and pulling them into dark areas for silent kills got more and more satisfying every single time I did it. I think this developer has another hit on their hands people, so be ready to show off those ninja skills very soon.

Sadly though, my fun ended just as quick as it began, and the rest of my last day at the event pretty much flew by without me getting a chance to play everything on the show floor. Still, the event was a blast, and I definitely am going to go to it again next year. Be on the lookout for more updates from Pax East 2012 right here at

P.S.- Here is a quick list of the games I played on Saturday, feel free to ask me questions about them in the comments below.

Jeremy Mcgrath’s Offroad

Mark of the Ninja

Quantum Conundrum

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream, Drop, Distance

Sonic 4: Episode II

Be Scene

Double Dragon Neon


Trials Evolution

Mario Tennis Open

Spirit Camers

Hell Yeah!