Pax East 2012: Day 2 Is Underway, Let the Chaos Begin…Again

Good morning everybody, my second day of attending the Pax East 2012 Expo is almost underway, and here are a few different things that I’m going to check out today. First, I have an appointment with Square Enix to check out some of their games, and then hopefully the rest of the day will be free for me to catch up on some other titles I didn’t play yet. One in particular I can’t wait to get my hands on is Sonic 4 Episode II, because it just looks just as fun as the first one was. Other than that, we will see what happens.

Here is a quick list of the games I want to check out today:

Sonic 4 Episode II

Mask of the Ninja (Probably didn’t get that right)

Quantum Conundrum

Double Dragon Neon

Wheels of Destruction

Jet Set Radio

Max Payne 3

Kingdom Hearts 3D

That’s all for now everybody, be on the lookout for more updates from Pax East 2012 right here at