Flashback Fridays: South Park (N64)

It’s that time once again to take another look into our gaming past in a little segment we like to call Flashback Fridays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to look at a game that came out during the peak of a certain show’s popularity, but never really sat well with too many gamers. The title that I am referring to is quite possibly one of the strangest FPS experiences I’ve ever had on any console, South Park on the Nintendo 64.

Back in the mid to late 1990’s, the show South Park was on everybody’s radar, and along with it came a slew of retail products that are still selling like hotcakes to this very day. Everything from T-shirts, hats, to stuffed dolls of each character were starting to hit store shelves in a frenzy, so as you can imagine, a video game based on the series should not be too far behind. I mean, come on, it’s an idea that’s bound to rake in some cash, right? Sure enough, in late 1998, after only being on TV for a little over a year, Acclaim comes out with a self-titled FPS adventure for PC, Playstation, and Nintendo 64 that was a novel idea at the time, but one that definitely could have used a little more TLC to truly be a memorable experience.

The setup is simple and ridiculous, so anybody who is a fan of the show should feel right at home here. A comet is heading towards South Park, which in turn causes a number of different creatures (Turkeys, Cows, Robots, etc.) to invade the town. Our four little friends (Stan, Kyle, Kenny, and Eric) must now use every weapon at their disposal to destroy these enemies, and also try to stop the comet from destroying their home before it’s too late. Gameplay focuses on the idea of a basic FPS, where your main character moves from one end of a level to the other, using a number of different weapons to destroy as many enemies as possible. While this concept wasn’t necessarily groundbreaking at the time, it was certainly an idea that fit well within the South Park universe.

My personal thoughts on the whole experience are kind of a mixed bag, and here’s why. When I played this game as a kid I had a great time with it. The voice acting was funny, the story and setting were ridiculous yet awesome, and the control scheme was very simple and easy to understand. Looking back though, there were a couple of problems that got annoying after awhile. For one, knowing where to go was kind of a chore, especially considering the fact that each stage was laid out in a certain way that made them confusing to navigate. Also, enemies tended to crowd the screen way too often, making it very difficult for me to kill them.

In the end, South Park on Nintendo 64 was a fun game despite its many problems, and it’s definitely something that fans of the series should consider checking out.

That concludes my story on South Park, but if you have any fond memories of this game please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Here is a gameplay video that I found for it, enjoy!