PlayStation Orbis To Be Sony’s Next Gaming System

According to one of Kotaku’s reliable sources, the next PlayStation will be called “Orbis.” Orbis, meaning ring or circle in Latin, when combined with Vita, means circle of life. In addition, if you check you will find the Sony portal for Vita developers. Now, type, and you will find the same portal.

  • Is called, or at least carries the working codename, “Orbis.”
  • Is scheduled for a Holiday 2013 release.
  • Won’t be backwards compatible with PS3 games.
  • Will lock new games to a PSN account as an anti-used games measure.
  • New games can be bought either on Blu-Ray or downloaded.
  • Current specs are an AMD x64 CPU and AMD Southern Islands GPU.

[via kotaku]

  •  Well thanks for the info!  That’s another N-Gage Incoming!