Odd Future Bringing Hip Hop Back One Song At A Time

Most, if not all, rap fans have heard of Odd Future by now. When I first heard this group a few months ago, I immediately knew they were special. Amongst Odd Future, frontman Tyler the Creator has had the most commercial success, with Frank Ocean not trailing far behind. Today, I want to share a video that the group recorded during a photoshoot. The beat is too classic to ignore and the lyrics are definitely on point, but that’s not the main reason I want to share this video. In the video you can see the genuine friendship that Odd Future shares. I think this is something that has been missing in the rap game for quite some time. When was the last time we saw a talented group like Odd Future wildin’ out and not giving a FU*K? Wutang, anyone? This track is featured on their recently released album, The OF Tape Vol. 2