Teenage Mutant Ninja…Aliens? Okay, now that’s just ridiculous

Sorry if this story hits the site a week too late, but I didn’t find out about it until now. Not sure if any of you out there know this or not, but I’m a huge fan of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. After hearing that a new cartoon was coming out in 2012, and that a new movie was going to hit theaters in late 2013, I was excited beyond belief, that is, until I found out that Michael Bay is going to produce the film. As if finding out that the guy who made the absolutely ridiculous Transformers movies is doing a remake of one of my favorite childhood cartoons wasn’t bad enough, he also did something that makes me question his involvement with the project in the first place.

Apparently he made an announcement at the Nickelodeon Upfront Conference in New York last week that the Turtles are going to be a part of an alien race. The only thought I had was, “Well I guess he will find absolutely any excuse at all to put explosions into a film, and that must be why this is happening.” I mean seriously, what in god’s name is this guy thinking? The Turtles are mutants from New York, not aliens from outer space! If you are going to create your own individual picture with an idea like this and call it something different, that’s fine, but for crying out loud, don’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

I like to make a toast to Michael Bay on taking yet another moment from my childhood and flushing it down the drain with his crappy ideas. Congratulations buddy, you suck.

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