A Sexy New Case for Your New iPad

With the advent of the new iPad, I feel like a good case is a necessary accessory. And if you’ve got money to spring on a new iPad, why not pitch in a little bit more and get something more fashionable than the boring industrial practical protector? I feel that way too, so I surfed Etsy for you (because we all know I love that place) and here’s what I came up with.

This case by MariForssell is a herringbone tweed with leather accents and silver hardware. The color is fun and I love the print!

Is it that obvious that I like herringbone? It’s such a classic print that you can never go wrong with. This is another herringbone and leather case with a different closure, and what I really like is that the closure is off to the side, just a little bit, but it balances out the side leather piece. A well designed case by Nilesh Ladd.

Felted wool and leather never looked so good. Adimaa got it right.

I have no idea what’s going on here, but it’s some crazy zebra-seahorse, so I’m going with it. I’ll call it “Pretty Modern Prometheus Case” by Beesocks.

This leather looks like butta, and I bet it feels like butta too. I’m not a big fan of light tan/taupe colors, but this leather just looks so delicious. This wonderful waxed leather case is by 1point61.

Leopard print! Leopard print! Leopard print! And it even has a leather accent. LOVE! Thank you World Designs for producing this.

I love foxes and I love leather cases. This is perfect. My favorite is the “Antique” finish, but you can make your own decisions and let Joe V. Leather know.

If you’re looking for a pop of color, this simple yet interesting yellow case might just do the trick. I wonder who it’s by. Feruto Bags.

Hurrah for hemp! I like this case because it looks neat and crisp on the outside, and it carries more than your iPad. HaHalley really knows how to make an all-in-one case.

Alright my dears, this is the best of the best to gussy up your New iPad, or to freshen up your old one. In either case, these babies are a lot better than what I normally see. I hope you find something you like.