Vita Near Helps You Unlock Trophies, Here’s How

There have been tons of questions regarding PlayStation Vita’s “Near” Application. What does it do? What’s the purpose of it? How does it work? What’s the point? Well, I too couldn’t understand the main purpose of the application, other than finding new PSN friends. Recently, I discovered a feature of the application that really interested me and helped me understand one of “Near’s” great purposes. With the help of Vita gamers and the “Near” app, I found a way to unlock trophies, as well as a way to help others unlock trophies, here’s how.

Who doesn’t love to receive gifts? This really helped me understand “Near.” Loving Unit 13 allowed me to give “Near” a chance due to its reward system that allows me to use it in a game. The only hard part is actually finding someone who has beat and shared the specific things you are looking for.