Achievers Anonymous: The Darkness II

It’s that time once again for another installment of Achievers Anonymous. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at how to get two achievements for the game The Darkness II, made by Digital Extremes and 2K games. I am going to help you obtain the “2 Guys, 1 Pole” and “Romantic” achievements. Here we go.

Achievement: 2 Guys, 1 Pole

Description: Kill 2 enemies with one javelin

Gamerscore Points Earned for unlocking:  25

Very early in the game, Jackie is chasing after a man named Swifty. One of the first locations he stops at in pursuit of this guy is at a bar with a pool table to the left, and a dumpster with a pool cue laying on it to the right. Go up to the door and open it (LB button then X), then immediately move to the right and pick the cue up with the LB button. Now wait for the first two enemies to line up together, then press the same button again to throw the stick at them, and if done right, 25 more points will be added to your gamerscore.

Achievement: Romantic

Description: Real guys know how to dance

Gamerscore Points Earned for unlocking:  5

This is an easy one to get, but can be easily missed if you don’t know what to do. During a cutscene in which Jackie sees Jenny in a diner, she asks him to dance with her. When the song starts to play, a command will appear on the left side of the screen that says” Kiss Jenny.” Just let the entire song run out (which takes about 2 minutes or so to do) without performing this move, and five easy achievement points will be yours for the taking.

Well I hope that I helped you earn some easy achievement points, and if there are any other one(s) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post. Have fun everybody!