This is How We Eat: B-Spot

What’s up TQ Fam? It’s time to get those taste buds going once again with another installment of the ever so popular “This is How We Eat” series. If you are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to our previous articles for more information. Even though I do enjoy going out to fancy restaraunts every once in awhile, sometimes it’s just nice to sit back, have a beer, and chow down on one of my favorite types of food ever made, hamburgers. Today we are going to take a look at a place that provides all of this and then some, B-Spot (which stands for Burgers, Brats, and Beers).

Established in 2009, this undeniably awesome little burger joint, owned and operated by Food Network veteran Michael Symon, is definitely the place to go when you feel the need to do a little bit of artery clogging. Some of my favorite hamburgers from here include: the Breuben (coleslaw, corned beef, and thousand island dressing), the Symon Says (bologna, cole slaw, whip sauce, American cheese), and when I’m feeling in more of a traditional mood, the Cheeseburger. If I had to just pick one of them above the rest though, it would definitely have to be the Breuben. There is just something about all of those flavors combined together that makes my mouth water at the mere thought of eating it (man, I really need to write these after I have a meal first, lol).

The one thing that is kind of off putting about this place is that everything is served a la carte style. What I mean by that every single menu item is served individually instead of together. So if you want to have fries with your burgers that’s going to cost a little extra dough. On the flip side of things, everything offered is reasonably priced, and depending on what choices are made, the end result usually doesn’t come out to be much more than 15-20 dollars a person (burger, fries, and drink included), so it’s really not that bad of a deal when everything is said and done.

If any of you ever decide to spend some time up in Northeast Ohio (4 different locations), be sure to stop by and check this place out.

Also, if there are any other places that you think we might like to check out, please let us know in the comments below.