Would You Rather own a Vita or a 3DS?

Hey there TQ Fam, it’s time for another installment of the Would You Rather? series. If you’re unfamiliar with what this article is all about, please take a look at our first question here for more information. The question that I am going to ask all of you today pertains to the two hottest handheld systems on the market right now, the Playstation Vita and Nintendo 3DS. Please remember that the process involves my answer first, and then yours after. Here we go.

Question #2: Would you rather own a Vita or a 3DS?

My Answer: Call me a fanboy if you want, but I would rather own a 3DS instead of a Vita for a couple of different reasons. First of all, Nintendo’s handheld is a much more affordable device compared to Sony’s (about 80 bucks cheaper). Second, the games currently available for both systems favors the 3DS just slighty in terms of quality releases (I know the Vita just launched, but the games should be better than this). Last, but certainly not least, I actually like the 3D feature of the 3DS over Sony’s front and back touch screen concept for the Vita, it just makes each game that much more interesting to play.

Ok, now it’s time to hear our readers’ thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments below. Also, if there are any other topics that you would like to discuss, post those here as well, have fun everybody!

Final Fantasy XIII-2

  • WEL

    I stopped playing Pokemon after Gold/Silver because every game is the same thing. So what else does the 3DS can offer me beside more Mario and Zelda?

    • Vampiric

       your opinion can be dismissed because you know nothing about pokemon

      try layton, rexx, devil survivor, rune factory 4, bravely default, kingdom hearts, monster hunter, dragon quest, ect

      • Zetsomaru

        Except half of those games aren’t even out yet. 

        This article offends me: VITA has given us some of the greatest launch titles ever.  Also, you can’t just compare cheap 3D gimmicks with the front and back touch pad gameplay mechanic that the VITA has to offer. One’s clearly just for show and the other to improve the overall gameplay experience. 

        • Adriantriangle

          Except that the front/back touchscreen DOESN’T make any gaming experience better. And the lunch titles are terribly generic and is almost as bad as the psp lunch titles….and I’m a Sony guy…

        • Vampiric

           But they will be before the year is out ( half of them are out)

          sure I could of listed mario land mario kart, resident evil, pilot wings, layton 5, inazuna eleven and more

          Vita hasnt given us one of the greatest launch titles ever, because most of them were ports, which is why the vita didnt sell nearly as well as any other portable to date

          The 3d does work. And sorry but I will take a second screen over a back touch pad any day of the week, so far it hasnt improved anything

          •  “But they will be before the year is out (Half of them are out)
            I’m sorry but did you forget before the end of the year the Vita will have Little Big Planet, and Call of Duty?

          • Vampiric

             and you think those games will push units? Hell, uncharted on vita couldnt even push the vita past fourth place…………

            LBP is more or less a dead franchise, and dont forget a 2d mario will be on 3ds before the end of fiscal 2012, which will push 15 times the units

            And what makes you think call of duty wont be on 3ds?

            And what makes you think being on at least 3 other systems will help push units for vita?

      • Brandocalrisian

        monster hunter..lol..I wish

        • Vampiric

           Monster hunter is out already and confirmed for europe at least

  • Objdadon

    The 3ds is “cute” but not on the vita’s level!

  • Dhabig

    I have both of them, I  also have both  xbox and ps3, The point is each system offers different games. You cant play Mario  on anything but Nintendo, and you cant play uncharted on anything but the Playstation. And you cant play halo or gears of war on anything but xbox. If you like a game who cares what the system is

  • Having owned both I have to say Vita all the way. 3d is a gimmick that really doesn’t enhance the experience at all, if anything it diminishes it. The vita’s controls, graphics and screen really put it in another league to the 3ds. I have to disagree with you about the vita games too, it has one of the best launch line-ups ever.

  • Brandocalrisian

    I agree with Dhabig..it really depends on WHAT you wanna play..if you have a 5 year old and you need something to occupy them lol..get them the 3ds..hahha..j/k I have both..hate the 3d feature so its always off. Hate the region lock..vita doesn’t have that so I can get a game from anywhere and it will work. The price doesn’t bother me because I can FEEL and SEE where the money went..the 3ds is quite pretty also. I have the mass produced zelda version.. sleek and sexy. Its augmented reality features really need some work though lol..my niece played reality fighters and loved how cool it looked and played..she was hopping around and moving. She tried the AR cards that came with the 3ds. She played the archery dragon shoot game..the second she moved it stopped and she said “WHAT!?”..she had to stay perfectly still and said it was lame. Anyone who owns a VIta will tell you its a beast, I’m just waiting on metal gear, monster hunter, and more older system ports. The games are different on the ds compared to the vita. Many proprietary games like zelda, mario and pokemon. The dragon quest games on it are good also. They both have awesome games of different styles and genres..My suggestion: Get bot the vita and the 3ds. You know sony backs their equipment for a while, so it will be a sound investment . lol The ps2 shot out games for 11 years, and the psp is at almost 9 years and they are still making games for it..A sound investment