Unlock or Delete: Unit 13

Personally, I’ve been a bit disappointed with most of the launch titles for the PlayStation Vita. Don’t get me wrong, I can see why people are content with the current titles, but in my case, I need that one game that will keep me coming back for more and keeps my Vita in my pocket or bag anywhere I go. In my search for that one game, I have been checking out some of the Vita demos on the PSN. I came across a game called Unit 13 — a game similar to Socom. Was this demo good enough to get me to unlock my first Vita demo? Let’s check it out.

The Good:
Unit 13
is developed by Zipper Interactive, same people who developed Socom. So, when I came into the demo I knew this would probably be very similar to the Socom franchise experience. Sure, Unit 13 is a similar tactical shooter from what I got from the demo, but it was packed with a beefy solo mission that left me wanting more. The demo feels polished, the most noticeable and satisfying feature has to be the touch screen controls. The touch screen controls are placed in the perfect locations on the screens, allowing you to naturally use your thumbs for each control without forcing your hands off the PS Vita. The graphics are nice. For a third person shooter, Unit 13 is a great looking game (minus one thing that I will cover in the “Ugly” section below). Everything from the running to zooming- via the scope – all looked great! All sounds in the game were crisp and precise. The voice acting was robust and clear.

In addition to its stellar presentation, Unit 13‘s demo mission was fun. A little bit of tactics, commando, and intelligence helped the mission feel well rounded.

The Bad:
Although the mission in the demo was fun, being stealthy is not the best way to get past your enemy. I tried my best to silently knife all of my enemies, but somehow, the living enemies walking their post discovered the bodies too quickly, turning the game into a complete shootout.

The Ugly:
What is it with these PS vita fire animations? The fire animations are far better than those of Uncharted: Golden Abyss, but you can still see some overly pixelated fire animations. What’s going on here?

Final Verdict:
I never though that after all of these years of not giving a damn about a Socom game on the original PSP, I ended up loving Unit 13 this much. Perhaps it’s the graphics, or the fact that Unit 13 just feels far superior than most PS Vita demos I have tried out, or maybe, just maybe, those dual analog sticks and perfect touch screen controls did it for me. This is a hell ya to its unlock! First day buy for me without any doubts.

Unit 13 releases March 6, 2012 for the PlayStation Vita.

  • hesoyamdonMonster

    cool  !!!! hope unit 13 will sell more than socom