TQcast: Vita Hot Pockets Edition


If you’ve been feening for a new TQcast episode, this following 2 hour random skype call may fulfill your needs. This is not an official TQcast show, this is actually a clip we recorded from this week’s TQcast meeting. We do cover video games, and talk about the PSVita along with some TQ business, and the usual random shit TQ has been known to talk about. Enjoy the following 2 hour clip.

If you want to check out some of the different topics we talked about during the show, check out the links below.

Intro – We were talking about Mr.B4’s Dasetup episode from years ago. Check it out.

Marc aka illmatic’s Hot Pocket Fetish.

New Super Nintendo Game being released this year. Nightmare Busters.

Denoch’s size 1 skinny slacks.

This is what Marc’s size 32 jeans look when he wears ’em.

TQcast PlayStation Vita Unboxing and the “memory card for ants” clip.

Zoolander “a center for ants” clip.

  • Yomama

    TQCAST is one my top 3 podcast. Hope you guys come back and do more.

  • maggot

    hey desz uve been watching “parks and recreations” or what? everytime u say LITERALLY it reminds me of chris