Could this be the new main character for Assassin’s Creed III ?

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There has been a lot of speculation of where the next setting will be for the new installment of Assassin’s Creed III, and we finally got a leak on the next possible main character.

The image allegedly comes from Best Buy’s internal employee news and was sent to Kotaku by an employee.

The image features Native American influences on the character’s attire and his weapons of choice; on his right hand he has a tomahawk shaped in an Assassin Emblem, on his right hand he has a revolutionary pistol, he also has a bow and arrow on his back including buckskin boots on his feet.
Is this Ubisoft’s major announcement coming next Monday or do they still have something else up their sleeve?
I don’t know about you all but he kind of looks like Abraham Lincoln, could he be related to the future president?

Source Kotaku

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