Unlock or Delete: Escape Plan Demo

Now before anybody on this site starts to go crazy, no, I didn’t buy a Playstation Vita. There is nothing on the system that has yet to convince me that it’s worth purchasing, until now. After giving the device a test run at my local Gamestop, there was a game that left a long lasting impression on me, and it was called Escape Plan. This delightful little puzzler was so creative, charming, and downright addictive that it may just make me consider owning Sony’s latest portable machine. Let’s go ahead and find out if you should “Unlock or Delete” it.

(As you already know, I played this demo at a store, so I’m not really sure if you can download it to your system or not)

The Good: The black and white art style is an absolute delight to look at. Front and back touch screen controls definitely gave way to some interesting gameplay concepts. An over the top sense of humor, especially when it comes to seeing how many deaths you’ve accumulated displayed on the front of your character, did add a certain level of calmness to an otherwise incredibly challenging experience. Hearing crowd laughter or cheering was unique, and made me feel like I was performing all of these actions in front of a live audience.

The Bad: As intuitive as the touch screen and motion controls are, there were times in which they just didn’t work. This was especially true when it came to making your character run across the screen by doing some sort of pinching gesture with your fingers, because sometimes it would just be flat out unresponsive. Another issue came to basic movement, there was often a delay between my actions and how the game responded to them.

The Ugly: The demo itself was extremely short, and only took me about 10 minutes or so to finish. Trying to hold your system steady, without hitting the power off button  by accident was a difficult thing to do because it was almost impossible to perform any action without keeping a firm grasp on the top and bottom of the Vita.

Final Verdict: Despite all of my issues with the demo, I still believe that this a worthy download that any Vita owner would be proud to have, download it now.

  • Illmatic

    i <3 this game B4… it is so challenging!

  • You bought a Vita????

    • Illmatic

      ^trollin hard

  • Ok, downloading demo thanks to this.