Review: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack (PS VITA)

Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack
Platform(s): PS Vita (Reviewed)
Genre: Puzzle Platformer
MSRP: $7.99
Reviewed By: Marc “illmatic” Villa

Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a downloadable title for the PS Vita. Utilizing touchscreen controls, six-axis motion controlling, and the newly redesigned analog sticks, it makes sure to employ all the features the PS Vita has to offer. Despite using all of the Vita’s kick-ass features, which are definitely put to good use and not just some tacked on gimmick, can Mutant Blobs be the best PS Vita launch game, or is this just another release day title that should be sent to another planet for good?!

Story: Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is a puzzle platformer that follows the journey of a tiny mutant blob. You start the game as a little green blob that has been sent to our beloved planet Earth with a major appetite. Eating everything in site, you begin to grow, and grow, and grow! As you progress, you go from chowing down tiny pebbles, to savagely wolfing down helicopters and humans. The last and final mission has one of the most satisfying endings that I have ever seen in a downloadable game. Although there is no actual story that is written or spoken, the game does a fantastic job of getting the message across via beautiful cutscenes and animations.

Gameplay: Puzzle platform games come in all shapes and colors. To compare one to another would be absolutely ludicrous and completely unprofessional. Rather than sit here and draw mindless comparisons between games like Super Meat Boy and Super Mario Brothers, I’ll just give you the full rundown on how Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack plays. Being one of the first downloadable PS Vita titles isn’t an easy task to pull off. You have to make sure you control right, you sound right, you look right, and most of all, you feel right. Mutant Blobs Attack achieves this almost impeccably, which completely surprised me. The game uses most of the PS Vitas features, including the touch screen and motion controls. Motion controls in a platform game may sound a bit weird, but believe me, they work. I was absolutely blown away with how well the six-axis controls performed, and how natural they felt when first using them. Motion controls and screen tapping aren’t the way we control our tiny little blob though, instead we use our good ol’ fashioned analog stick or D-pad. Aside from the game controlling amazingly, it’s also a treat to play. I will admit, the game can get frustratingly hard at times, but once you overcome a super hard obstacle there is this immediate sense of badass-edness. Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack has just over 24 levels and can be completed fairly quickly, but the amount of fun you’ll have playing it is definitely worth the $7.99 (cheap!) price of admission.

Graphics: Tales From Space is not the most graphically intense game on the PS Vita, but it is one of the most visually impressive games for the Vita I have seen so far, and believe me, I have seen them all, literally. The game uses an art style that is wacky and cartoony. This really sets the mood of the game and immediately puts you in a state of gamer euphoria. If there is one thing we can all agree on it has to be that although the art style in Mutant Blobs is very simple, it does make for some beautiful eye candy. Cutscenes and animations are also handled pretty well, leaving nothing really to be desired.

Sound: The background music in Tales From Space is your standard, budget title, catchy jingle. At first, I wasn’t really too impressed with the music, but what would you expect from a game that is $7.99. After a few levels in, I was subconsciously humming the song in my head as I tried to advance to the next level. The song is so catchy, that I even caught myself whistling the tune on more than one occasion. God damn that song!

Replayability: Let’s see, where do I start. If you can finish the entire storyline without giving up, for one you are a true rockstar, and two, the game doesn’t end there. There are Leaderboards put into place, both globally and between friends, that rank you based on your score for a particular level. At one point I was ranked #37 in the world in level 3, fast forward two days after the game releases and I’m now sitting somewhere around #1607. In each level you’re able to earn a maximum of 3 stars. The amount of points you get in a certain level contributes to the amount of stars you earn upon completing the level. While the replayability may be a little shallow, it is there, and it will keep you busy for a long time.

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