Winners Announced! Enter To Win Final Fantasy XIII-2 and XIII

***We have picked 4 winners for the Final Fantasy Contest. Check the widget below to see if you won. Congrats to all the winners! Thank you all for participating, we will have more giveaways soon!****


To celebrate the recent release of Final Fantasy XIII-2, we’ve decided to give away a few Final Fantasy games. As you may know, I am a huge Final Fantasy Fan, (you can read my FFXIII-2 review here) and I really think that in order to appreciate FFXIII-2, you have to experience the game that came before it so you can really appreciate the quality of the series, and the improvements that have been made since the last game.

We have 3 copies of Final Fantasy XIII for the PlayStation 3 and one copy of Final Fantasy XIII-2 for the Xbox 360 up for grabs.

Enter to win by using the widget below. You can earn up to 5 entries. Good luck!

******Thank you all for entering, we had a great turnout! We will be notifying the winners via e-mail and posting the name in here too. Thank you!******

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Must be 18+ and U.S. resident with a valid mailing address to enter. Please read the full rules.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is avilable for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

  • Nostalgia brings me back to Final Fantasy VII.

  • Final Fantasy X. Yuna’s story intersecting with Tidus. Braska and his journey. All compelling and best FF in my opinion.

  • I remember playing Final Fantasy II on my SNES and instantly fell in love.

  • Raswanner

    Tie between FF3(american) and FF7

  • No brainer for me. Final Fantasy X.

  • Nicole Vosburgh

    Final Fantasy X!

  • Cichlid

    Final Fantasy  The original

  • Tuan Le


  • Margaret Konczal

    I like number X but the original was so fun as a teenager.

  • Antg100

    I got this…..

  • James Campbell

    I haven’t actually played a FF game.  I like to (for free, of course).

  • Dan D.

    Final Fantasy VII. Love your avatar.

  • Janice
  • My favorite FF is still FF6. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Va

    The bestest and greatest FF of all time is Final Fantasy 6. The opera, the espers, Gogo, attacking 8 times with the Offering & Genji Glove, evil scary clowns, etc. Those were the days.

  • .

    i like X killer boss fights, killer

  • I loved Final Fantasy VII.  Something about the headache I had afterwards 😉  Thanks for the giveaway!

  • FF7 with the materia system, love it

  • Freakgamer1434

     Final Fantasy 12 is my favorite so far  =)

  • My favorite FF game was probably 10 or 7.  12 was trash.  Don’t remember the world, 1/2 the characters, or really why they were even fighting whoever

  • Trasina McGahey


  • i love it!

  • Michael Marquez

    final fantasy 10 was my favorite 

  • JD

    FFX greatest game on PS2 and one of the best of all time

  • Final Fantasy 7 is my ALL TIME FAVORITE FINAL FANTASY!

  • Sueicide


  • Newcountryhouse

    I sure hope I am a winner…chicken dinner!

  • Newcountryhouse

    Sure hope i win and i like finly fantasy 7

  • My favorite game is final fantasy mystic quest

  • Shenmue511


  • AB

    My favorite is ff7

  • Fresh02_88


  • Darknessfallin

    i loved ffVII

  • Yoomi


  • I would cry with joy if I won this. My favorite is FFXIII, but I don’t own it. Winning this would make my life. <333

  • Maria


  • Thanou Thammavongsa

    my fav has to be final fantasy 7!!

  • william


  • angela0040

    ff7 of course

  • Takemetamars

    FF7 or FF5

  • NickN7


  • Zev Levit-Ramos

    FF VIII took so much from all the games and made its own piece of awesome!

  • ffxi3 u.s. aka ff6

  • Chrono Trigger count? If not, FF7.

  • GuestBest

    FF12 oddly enough

  • Final Fantasy 9 for me. Amazing game.

  • Todd

    The one that started it all

  •  Chun Li won the game?  XD

    • lol She or he did.