Unlock or Delete: SSX Demo

SSX is back! The long awaited snowboarding game by EA is set to make its debut on the Xbox 360 and PS3 on February 28, but before you go out and pick up the game, there are a few things you should know.

The Good:
SSX feels just as fun as the SSX games on the PS2 and Xbox. The demo really motivates you to play it more than once by displaying the mountain run times of your PSN buddies. The goal is simply to beat all of their times. Of course, in order to beat their times you must have a smooth run down the mountain, avoiding falls, and reaching “Tricky” boosts to earn more points. After several attempts at it, I finally beat everybody on my PSN list that has played the demo. In addition to the competitive side of the demo, when you invite a friend to check out the demo via the main menu, you unlock a new character, so the chances of you playing the demo more than once are pretty damn high.

The tutorial itself is actually quite impressive. You are released into the skies with voice-help and screen prompts guiding you with the basics, and eventually into the advanced tricks, this helped me quite a bit during the actual runs.

I can’t move on without mentioning the soundtrack on the demo. I literally paused the game to search for the few tracks played on the demo. The music is simply perfect for the game, it flowed so well with the runs. If you too were wondering what the few tracks were in the demo, check out Foster the People “Houdini” and The Naked and Famous “Young Blood”.

The Bad:
The graphics on the demo are nice, nothing crazy stood out, but still nice. If I were to have predicted back in 2001 what an SSX game would look like 10 years later, it probably wouldn’t have been this. Hopefully the full game proves otherwise.

The Ugly:
It took me a few times to get used to the controls. Not that the buttons or positioning is off; the demo just seems very sensitive. I found myself hitting mountain walls and falling more than I would have liked. It’s definitely not as easy to pick up as the old school SSX games.

Final Verdict:
While the demo is not perfect, I couldn’t stop playing it for its competitive nature. EA really knows how to motivate gamers with little thing like its time challenge, mixed in with your PSN buddies. And just imagine online multiplayer. This is definitely a demo unlock.

*note: I played the demo on the PlayStation 3.

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  • MushThePainter

    i liked the demo too, it seems pretty hard though as i could only get second place as my best

    • Davidgreen12

      I agree, the demo was good once I got the hang of it. I was falling a lot at first. I like the soundtrac too.