Sony’s Next Gaming Console Powered by AMD?

According to a former AMD employee, Sony’s next gaming console will be powered by AMD’s graphics technology. The PlayStation 3 has Nvidia’s graphic technology under its hood, while AMD’s graphics technology is already used in the Xbox 360.

Like always, take this rumor with a grain of salt and a beer to wash it down.

[via Forbes]

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  • XCOM

    If it is AMD I will definitely buy it. I have to 6990’s in crossfire on my PC and will never go Invidia. Best gaming experience is with AMD and DX11.

  • Trancelistic

    I’ve supported amd since the first amd duron 600. Never intel since then. Yup, if its amd (grafics or cpu/tech) I will buy it.

  • furryLPists

    to some AMD could be considered a bd thing, to others AMD could be great, et me remind you the xbox360 can “permanently shut down”?

  • amd is shit

    and a little bit Intel
    but processor must be an INTEL i7 PS3 EDITION (FAKE! made by me 😛 )

  • Ziopino

    AMD for mid-range, reasonably low power consumption GPU should be fine, but for the CPU §Sony should better stick to the Cell, possibly developing more the general purpose POWER architecture PPE cores.

  • wow is that the ral pic for ps4 if so then wow that good looking lol