Google To Release Augmented Reality Glasses By End of 2012

Google is working some serious futuristic technology right now. Google plans to launch glasses with a heads-up display by the end of 2012. The glasses are rumored to be powered by Android and they will include a display that streams real-time information about surroundings.

The data will come courtesy of a 3G/4G data connection, as well as retrieving information via a built in GPS and sensors.

The glasses are expected to cost anywhere from $200-600, about the same as current smart phones. Google stated that the first glasses will be more of an experiment, and if consumers like them the company will then work on revenue streams.

Technology is getting real folks.

[via new york times]

  • LOLWUT!@#

    picture looks more or less like someone looking at a computer screen with the reflection of the screen on the lenses of their glasses.

  • Aarongodfrey

    …i predict these will be an epic fail and actually cost a hell of a lot more

  • The idea sounds appealing and could a major break through. 
    P.S I always imagined having such glasses. 

  • Kees

    These are very cool!