Would You Rather be a hero or a villain?


Hello everybody, welcome to the first installment of a new series of articles exclusive to TQCast. The one thing that everybody takes for granted nowadays is the opportunity to make their own decisions. Almost every single day we are presented with choices that can sometimes be just as difficult to make as they are to deal with. So, instead of having to constantly live with all of the guilt and frustration of looking like a bad person just for being honest with yourself, I thought it would be a good idea to create an open forum for the site where we can all talk about this stuff  together without feeling embarrased to do so. This segment is called Would You Rather? Let’s go ahead and get started.

Now the way that this whole process works is very simple. I am going to present a question to all of you, give my answer on the topic, and then leave the rest of discussion in your hands, that’s it. Here is our first question.

Question #1: Would you rather be a hero or a villain? ( in a videogame, movie, tv show, etc.)

My Answer: This was a really tough call for me, in the end though, I would have to pick being the hero over the villain. Sure, bad guys always have more fun, and they usually get all of the cool lines or best action sequences in movies or videogames, but more often than not they usually do not end up with the best situation after all is said and done. Now some people out there may be thinking that I made this decision for one reason only, to look like a good person towards others. The fact of the matter is that I’m a clumsy, uncoordinated guy who couldn’t try to be evil even if I had a ” How to be evil for dummies” book sitting right in front of my face, enough said.

Ok, now it’s time to hear our readers thoughts on the subject, so please feel free to share your opinions with us in the comments below. Also, if there are any other topics that you would like to discuss, post those here as well, have fun everybody!

  • YoungMula

    I would rather be a villain because all the villains get the illest girls and the best clothes. Plus I can shoot mofos without having feelings.

  • FON_d

    I think I would rather be a villain because a lot of people have a “Hero Complex” and I wouldn’t want the guilt and worry about people dying and me not being able to save them. Or maybe I’d present as a villain and do good deeds like stealing from banks and giving that money to struggling people/businesses. Yeah…that. 

    • Grimspade

       I always preferred villains over heroes in my comics and cartoons.  If you ever really looked at it, Lex Luthor  was always superior to Superman with his deathtraps, and the writers always let Superman win through some cheesy loophole.  Most of the time Doctor Doom, Luthor, or Magneto have the better thought out plan and only lose due to some trite character flaw.  One day I hope to see a show where the genius villain is the star of the show and defeats the heroes every week instead of losing for moral reasons.

      • FON_d

        I always felt Magneto was waaaay better than Xavier. He was more powerful and basically unstoppable (except to plastic sentinels which I STILL don’t understand).   But Xavier was just a more powerful Jean Grey and I was like…what’s the point of having two? Magneto is like Tigger, he’s the only one haha I also like that Magneto was a complex and developed character whose position on humans I understood, and I always felt like Xavier was too nice. And don’t even get me started on Scott Summers.

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