Unlock or Delete: Binary Domain Demo

Binary Domain is one of those games that I’ve been waiting for since I played it last year at E3.  The demo came out last Tuesday and it was probably overshadowed by a little game called Mass Effect 3. Binary Domain is a third-person tactical shooter that takes place in a futuristic Japan overrun by intelligent robots. The story appears to be a combination of iRobot and Terminator, in my opinion. The game has such great potential, but the only problem with this demos is that Sega doesn’t show similar content to what I played back at E3. With a game that hasn’t received much hype, let’s find out if we should “Unlock or Delete” it.

(The demo is about 806 MB and is currently available for download on the PSN and Xbox Live)

The Good: This demo is a squad-based shooter where you can issue commands to your squad mates by using buttons or by voice – via a headset. The game runs on a consequence system that determines how the gameplay and storyline will turn out based upon the decisions you make with your teammates; the way you talk to your colleagues or the actions you take will build or destroy the trust level of your group. The demo’s short story is quite interesting and it goes hand-in-hand with how you play. Robots taking over the world is something we have seen before, but when they start to infiltrate every form of society and have human-like behavior, well let’s just say it’s a little scary.

The Bad: My first problem with the demo is that it has two sections, but none of them give a back-story as to what the heck is going on. When you start, the game goes straight into the action; don’t get me wrong, that’s a good way to start, but it could have used the second half to give the player a little taste on how the robots overtook Earth, and how we will stop them.

The Ugly: Sega should have been smarter with this demo. Releasing it at the same time with a juggernaut like ME3 is not the brightest move, but the worst part of all is that it’s really short (about 20 minutes tops) and doesn’t give the player enough story or gameplay to engage them the same way I was when I first played it.

Final Verdict: This a download but I don’t think this demo gives it justice!


I chose the PS3 version because I’m a fan boy of this console and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Check out the TQcast demo experience below:

  • Mrb4

    This is kinda how I felt about the Demo as well, it just didn’t really hype me up in any way shape or form to play the full game.

  • I don’t know how to feel about this game yet. The trailer look amazing, and I’ve seen a few reviews already. Let’s hope it’s good.

  • I played the DEMO, wrote it off.. saw some user videos of actual MULTIPLAYER gameplay… so i found it on new egg for 45 and was like… I liked Vanquish… so… Imma try this… STORY IS AMAZING! Way better than the demo. IMO.