Get a PS Vita Wi-Fi For only $231 With This Hidden Deal

You better hurry on this one, The PlayStation Vita is only 1 day away and in order to get this deal, you have to pre-order soon.

I pre-ordered my PS Vita earlier today via Amazon along with a 4GB memory card (yeah, I’m cheap) and I noticed that after I added my 4GB memory card, my total for my Vita dropped to $231.36. I was like what? So, apparently Amazon is offering a hidden deal when you add 4GB memory card to your Vita Wi-Fi pre-order. The total will still be $249.96, but you get a free 4GB memory card. Check it out below, but you better hurry.

You must add both the PS Vita Wi-Fi and a 4GB memory card to your order and see the discount at checkout.

PlayStation Vita – WiFi

4GB PlayStation Vita Memory Card

here is my receipt.


I’m glad I waited until the last minute!

  • Dragonrazorz

    Says $250 when i do it

  • Dragonrazorz

    Ok….reread after 5 times lol. I see now

    • lol. The car turns out to be 18 something, so you still end up paying 250, but it’s a free 4GB card. Also if you plan on buying cartridges, the 4GB card will be good for a while.