It’s a PS Vita Week, Buy 2 Vita Games, Get 1 Free

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While some gamers picked up a PS Vita a week early by ordering the first edition bundle, the real celebration starts today! The PS Vita releases in only 3 days and retailers have started offering some incredible PS Vita game deals. Target is currently offering “buy 2 PS Vita games, get 1 free” starting today.

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In addition, Gamestop is adding their own take on “buy 2 get 1 free” by offering all Sony first party Vita titles with this generous deal. Buy 2 Sony PS Vita games, get 1 Free.

Pre-Order your PlayStation Vita via Amazon today!

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  • Drakhen

    I went to two targets today and each of them only had at most two differant games on the shelf, so it would be impossible for them to offer the 2 +1 deal, gamestop the kid in there was not aware of the deal, so today was a no go for me on those deals 🙁

    • FON_d

      Sorry to hear that 🙁

    • Don’t forget that Best buy and Walmart will  price match any local ads without any questions asked.  Just take the ad with you. I’m going to Walmart if Target plays dumb.

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