Gaming Decision: PS Vita 3G or PS Vita Wi-Fi only?

The week is finally here. The week where we can all go out and pick up gaming’s next big thing. Yes, I’m talking about the PlayStation Vita. Whether you’re pre-ordering, attending a midnight launch, or going day one to get your Vita, this is it, your gaming life is about to change. As I sit here going through the Vita’s specs and its list of launch titles, I can’t help but think that if I don’t get the 3G version, I may later regret it. But what can Sony possibly have planned for 3G Vita users that would ever make me regret purchasing a Wi-Fi only model? Do I need 3G?

Let me start by answering by own question. Do I really need 3G on my Vita? I know I don’t. I mean I have an iPhone 4S which I’m extremely happy with, so why would I need 3G on my Vita? I can guarantee that I’m not the only gamer asking themselves the “3G or just Wi-Fi” question days before the Vita launch. I have been going back and forth; asking friends, reading Vita articles, reading reviews, watching gameplay, and I think I’m ready to hit the “Order” button on my Amazon account. But, I want to know what y’all think and at the same time, I think I can help some of you decide on which Vita model is right for you.

I’m going to list the Pros and Cons for both the Vita 3G and the regular Wi-Fi model.

Pros: It has Internet and PSN connectivity anywhere I get AT&T coverage.
Cons: I need to pay $14.99 for 250MB or $30 for 3GB of data.

Pros: Wi-Fi is much faster than 3G, and let’s face it, Wi-Fi is nearly everywhere now.
Cons: I only get PSN connectivity while connected to Wi-Fi.

Pros: I can use skype on the go.
Cons: I can do that with my smartphone.

Pros: The 3G Model may not live up to the slogan either; its 3G connectivity relies on AT&T…enough said.
Cons: The Wi-Fi version does not live up to the new PS Vita slogan, “Never Stop Playing”.

Pros: I can use my Vita during gaming events, such as E3 or Comic Con to connect with people.
Cons: I already have an iPhone for that and it fits comfortably in my pocket.

Pros: Sony would not separate the 3G and Wi-Fi owners like this. That would be bad for business. Besides, most PS Vitas in the wild are Wi-Fi only.
Cons: But what if Sony comes up with something cool for 3G users; such as rewards and free games for using its DataConnect pass feature?

Pros: With the 3G I have the option to go 3G any time I want since the data plan is a on a month-to-month with no long-term contracts.
Cons: N/A
Other: When would you use 3G? And why?

Pros: The Wi-Fi model is only $249.99
Cons: You still have to buy a memory card starting at $19.99

Pros: You get a free 8GB Memory Card, 1 month free of 3G DataConnect, and a free PSN game for the $299.99 PS Vita. That’s only $50 more than the Wi-Fi only model.
Cons: The free PSN is Stardust HD (some gamers might not like Stardust HD) so you are really paying for having 3G and a 8GB memory card.

After reading and going over my options, I have decided to go with the cheaper Wi-Fi only version. I figured, $249.99 for the Vita + $29.99 for an 8GB memory card will still be cheaper than the 3G bundle. In addition, if I want to do any single player gaming, I won’t need 3G. If I want to play an online game with my Vita, I would rather have a reliable and consistent Wi-Fi connection at a lower cost. Everything from Twitter, Facebook, and Skype can be done via my 3G smartphone. And how about Vita’s App “Near?” Sure, it seems like an awesome way to connect and share with new people, but the app can also be used via Wi-Fi. To me, this is the best use of the 3G feature on the Vita.

And there you have it. What do you think? What other pros and cons would you add to this? What model did you go with or are you going with this coming Wednesday?



  • Trish10tr

    OMG!! I have been contemplating too! Thank you, you really helped out. I had no idea that the 3G service was that much. Sony should have came out with a PSN+3G annual Subscription IMO.  You’re right, Wi-Fi is everywhere I travel daily – work, school, boyfriend’s house, home. Wi-Fi it is!

    • Mdeuces22

      And just for the record you only get the free game after you buy one month of the att data. I bought the 3g version and im pissed that they dont tell you that. Plus you have to wait30 days to get stardust.

  • Sucitta

    with iphone 4s and or samsung galaxy s2 you can tether your phones 4g into a wifi hotspot for your vita. You can even play online this way, where as with vita at&t 3g you can go online but you can’t play online multi player unless it is turn based..

    I tether my wifi vita to my gs2 and stay connected everywhere = )

  • I 2 have been trying to make this choice. But for the 20 bucks I think I’d rather get a 3g device.  280 vs 300. 

  • When having the 3G version, will I be able to connect to WIFI is such is available?
    basically if I go abroad, and using 3G would be expensive.

  • Jeprokzki


  • Vanecelina

    i have the wifi version but i often go outside and in the summer i go with my father once a week 4 hours..and then i will stay on internet on it…sure i have a iphone but i don’t have 3g on it. And in the future sony will make more apps that are only availible for the 3g users. One of them is TAG. 

  • Nique

    Just say I were to get the 3G model would I still be able to use it in a hotspot without payment. Also with a 3G model when I connect to AT&T can I play online when I’m
    in a hotspot I’m just wondering can someone please answer this question by tomorrow because my girlfriend is going to order it for me.