Phillips To Challenge Sony With Dual-View Gaming 3DTV

Sony’s PlayStation 24-inch 3DTV may have been the first with the dual-view 3D gaming feature, but Phillips is ready to unleash their own take on dual-view gaming with two new LED 3DTVs that start at 32-inch.

Phillips will be unleashing the PFL6007 and the PFL7007 with full 3D capabilities, embedded Wi-Fi connectivity, 400HZ to 800Hz perfect motion rate, and pixel precise HD processing. The PFL6007 model’s screen size will range from 32-inch to 55-inch while the PFL7007 will range from 40-inch to 55-inch. Both the PF6007 and the PL7007 will come with integrated apps, such as YouTube, Skype, and Netflix. No price has been revealed. You can expect these bad boys sometime in the second quarter.

If you need your dual-view 3D gaming right now, check out the PlayStation 24-inch 3DTV.