Flashback Fridays: Kirby Super Star

Hello everybody, welcome to another installment of Flashback Fridays. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at a game that really made me happy about my decision to purchase a SNES. The title that I am referring to was quite possibly one of the best platformers from back in the day, Kirby Super Star.

Sorry if you seem to be growing tired of hearing about the same thing over and over again, but the truth is that the Super Nintendo was a system that I played quite a bit as a kid. While there were many games on it that were a lot of fun to play, only a few of them really stood out above the rest to me. One of those memorable experiences involved a cute little pink puffball named Kirby, and it was called Kirby Super Star. While the title may look simple and adorable on the outside, a challenging yet entirely rewarding adventure is lurking underneath the surface, and it was one that I will never forget.

The setup was pretty simple, basically there are a number of different games to play that usually revolve around the same theme, platforming. What made things different in this case was the fact that you could travel through the experience however you like because each area worked out as it’s own unique adventure. I thought that this was a fantastic idea that really encourages the player to explore on their own because instead of being forced into a linear set of stages that most titles like this were known to do, you could pretty much complete the game however you like, and that was simply awesome.

An idea like this created some unforgettable gameplay sessions for me and my friends. We used to pick the more lengthy adventures first, and save the more fun ones for later in order to make each playthrough worth our time. Granted, our bright ideas didn’t always work out as planned, especially when it came to the more difficult stages later on because they were brutally challenging, to say the least. Seriously, I thanked god for the fact that Kirby had the ability to inhale enemies and absorb their powers, because if it wasn’t for that, there would have been a few times that  some situations could have definitely taken a turn for the worst. Still, it was an enjoyable roller coaster ride through it all, and in the end, that’s what’s most important.

Kirby Super Star was one of the defining moments from my childhood that showed me what being a gamer was all about. If you are ever in desperate need of a quality platforming experience, then by all means check it out.

That concludes my story on Kirby Super Star, but if you have any fond memories of this game please feel free to share them with us in the comments below.

Here is a gameplay video that I found for it, ah the memories. Enjoy!