These PS3 Enhancements Will Stop The PS4 Talk

After numerous amounts of implausible PlayStation 4 rumors hitting the net earlier this year, video game enthusiasts appear to want Sony’s next-gen console prematurely. Will the PlayStation 4 be announced at this year’s E3? Is the PlayStation 4 releasing in 2013? What’s taking Sony so long? All these questions are far from valid if we follow Sony’s 10-year plan for the PS3. What you should really be looking forward to is what Sony will do to make the PS3 better. This is not about a next-gen console for Sony, it’s about enhancing the PlayStation 3 to make it last until 2016, like they have reiterated many a time.

Will the PlayStation 4 be announced this year? No. Here’s why: Sony’s current president, Andrew House, has reiterated the fact that Sony is sticking to their 10-year plan for the PS3. This means that the next-gen console Sony puts out won’t be until 2016. In addition, take a look at what Microsoft has done with the Xbox 360. Technically speaking, the Xbox 360 should have been finished after all of the red ring issues and after Blu-ray won the HD battle, but what did Microsoft do? They reinvented the Xbox 360 by updating its dashboard, releasing a red ring-less and updated Xbox 360 model, and to top it off, they reinvented motion gaming with Kinect.

I’m not saying that Sony will follow in Microsoft’s footsteps, nor am I saying that Sony needs to do what Microsoft did, but for a company that dominated the gaming industry during the PS1 and PS2 eras, Sony has no choice but to take notes, study what works nowadays, and reconstruct the PlayStation brand to what it once was. And how will they do this? Well, while most gamers may want the simple answer to be a “PlayStation 4,” the best solution is to give the PlayStation 3 an operating system/XMB update.

The PlayStation 3 has plenty of gas left in its tank, but the one thing that’s been missing since day one from the system has been a revolutionary operating system, the PS3’s aging XrossMediaBar is in dying need of a performance upgrade and a flashy makeover. It’s slow, and frankly, quite boring. This is where the PlayStation Vita comes into play. The Vita is sporting an updated and fresh looking XMB, in addition to features that many gamers have wanted on the PS3 since day one. Do I even have to mention cross-game chat? Well, I just did. Regardless on how well the Vita does in terms of popularity, I believe that the PS3 will one day (hopefully sooner than later) adopt the same look and features the PlayStation Vita currently has. Doesn’t that sound more believable than a PS4 announcement after only 6 years? It would be ridiculous to even think that Sony is ready to get rid of the old and usher in the new without showcasing the PS3’s full potential.

As far as I can tell, a PlayStation 3 with an updated OS/XMB, Vita support, and with Vita’s OS-like features implemented into the system will keep the PlayStation 4 talk at bay for at least 4 more years. You’ll see.

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  • WEL

    PS3 can’t be updated any further because of Ram limitations (no cross-game chat ever) and the GUI on the Vita is optimized for touch screen and it is be a real pain in the ass to move around with buttons. PS3 won’t last until 2016, that’s for sure… Specially if the Wii U is considerably more powerful and MS launches the new Xbox the 3rd party’s are just going to move on and abandon the PS3.

    10 years plan doesn’t mean that Sony will not launch a new console before 2016 either, it could mean that it can coexist with the new console like the PS2 did with the PS3.

  • Ender21

    You my friend are delirious. I absolutely hate every dashboard that has been implemented for the xbox 360. They dont make a lick of sense. The Xbar is not outdated its simple totally customizable and better yet it looks good. You must be slow if you think that a PS4 wont come out till 2016. There have been a couple games now that have used its potential and frankly I’m seeing game sequels that look the same or so close to the same that it doesnt make a difference anymore. Lives of consoles have been around 5 years for a long time now for a reason, technology moves that fast and they cannot keep up with it even with the futuristic equiptment they give them. It is coming up on 6 years for the PS3 and as for the Xbox360 7. Give us something to drool about again, oogle over graphics, believe physics, run scared with imaging the possibilities.

  • OscarRosel1

    I get what you are saying, it’s actually a good theory. However, with all this news about the new Xbox, I would have to say that the PS4 may be out before 2016. But, I will not be surprised if your theory about a software update is presented at E3. I agree, the PS3 has much more to give and with the Vita out now, I really don’t think that we have seen everything the PS3 and Vita can do together.  It’s going to be an interesting E3, that’s for sure.

  • Marty8370

    Dumb ideas, how can we have a Vita like OS on PS3. The majority of gamers don’t own touch screen HDTV’s.. Do they even exist?

    • Punisher_PSN

      He doesn’t even mention touch screen, dude. The article says a Vita look.  Like they can really do that. You obviously don’t get it. This is something I have always said. The PS3 needs an updated OS and it would be a whole new system for all. Good article IMHO.

  • DarthDiggler

    You are a fucking moron.  The 10 year plan means that PS4 and PS3 will share the same retail shelf for a couple of years.  The PS2 didn’t disappear when the PS3 came on the scene.

    At least make an attempt to get a basic understanding of the business before you comment on it and sound like a dumbass.

  • DarthDiggler

    Cross game chat won’t happen on PS3 they would have to update EVERY PS3 game, not just the Multiplayer ones.

    • Mcchef01

      Why would you have to update the games? You are online playing a singleplayer game and can get and send messages right? I’m not even a supporter of xgame chat but your aguement is unsubstantial

  • Fudge

    Look, how many times will ppl fuck this up. 10 Year lifecycle doesn’t mean 10 years until the next console it means thats HOW LONG THE COMPANY WILL SUPORT IT. The PS2 had a 10 year lifecycle, but they released the console after 5/6 years into the lifecycle. The playstation has gas left in the tank? Sure they can release good looking games, but nothing compared to PC. I realize that if a PS4 were to be developed, by the time it was released the technology would be behind pc standard. Look at the Ram limitations they can’t add anything like cross game chat. it’s time to move on.

    • Alf22manfredo

      So what you’re saying is that the xbox 360 is essentially the greater gaming console? They have cross game chat and technically, a slower machine. Long live the Xbox 360!!

      • Macchef01

        LOL nice troll

    • Meniacleman

      cross chat isnt even a big deal at all its overated nothing will ever compare to PC look at Uncharted graphics they look amazing there is no need right know and since PS3 has blu-ray big games can be made for awhile.

  • d0x360

    Sony and ms can tweak software all day But we need new hardware. Its not just about better graphics. New game play that we can’t imagine (cause we aren’t developers) comes with new hardware. Games get bigger and better. Innovative new ideas can flourish. Its time to grow and to do that we need new tech.

  • judah nato

    Wow… How in the world this article get written? The Wii 2 comes out next year, and Xbox 720 comes out in 2013 to avoid being left behind… and yet you think the ps4 comes out in 4 years? what a dumb ass!

    • JJ360

      Wow, how in the world did you think wii u comes out next year. It’s due out this year. Don’t be a fanboy. My guess is that you are all upset that te xbox360 was the better system this generation.

  • Only problem is that the new 360 dashboard is crap, and Kinect can’t sell any software, let alone 99% of it is shovelware. 

    MS can get away with this BS because it has the North American base. Sony actually has to cater to a WW base, and gimmicks don’t work across such different demographics.

  • Jazz

    Look, how many times will ppl fuck this up. 10 Year lifecycle doesn’t mean 10 years until the next console it means thats HOW LONG THE COMPANY WILL SUPORT IT. The PS2 had a 10 year lifecycle, but they released the console after 5/6 years into the lifecycle

  • Kingfire14

    I agree, what the heck happened with the PS3 cross game chat? I can’t believe that the Xbox 360 can do all that stuff; cross game chat, new dashboard updates, and more while being a slower system. At this point , it seems the Sony fan base just wants a new system because they know they lost this generation. 

  • Macchef01

    . December ’94,  July 2000,  Nov ’06.  6 years between each release. Why do these sites let jackholes write whole articles articles for them?

  • Meniacleman

    there is nothing wrong with the XMB, infact people took notes from Sony and know use the XMB style…

  • Guest

    Too bad the PS3 is such an epic failure nobody would want the ps4 anymore. $ony is nothing but overhype and underdeliver. Vita will just be another failure as well.

    • Awaiken

      How the fuck is 62 million systems sold a failure? Microsoft Fanboys come out in full force anytime Sony is name dropped.

    • Ada


  • The Ps3 is a beast of a machine. Unfortunately, it lacks that level of gaming interaction the Xbox 360 offers. True, the Xbox 360 has a annual subscription but the pros outweigh the cons with that side of the argument. I knew a friend who had 13 failures with his Xbox 360 (around 5 failures with the RROD and the rest related to overheating or disk drives failures) but even with those failures he was reimbursed by Microsoft and he was happy with there customer service because they would tell him “exactly” what was wrong with the console.

    Sony has the superior machine, but it lacks the flair of the Xbox 360.

    The Xbox 360 gives you party chat, cross game chat, gamerscore/achievements (Sony copied this with trophies), msn messenger etc. The Xbox guide button allows you to browse to whatever you want (Sony copied it with the PS button).

    As you readers can see, Microsoft has originality and flair whereas Sony’s only saving grace is the sheer power and reliabilty of the Ps3.