Achievers Anonymous: Shank 2

It’s that time once again for another installment of Achievers Anonymous. If you’re unfamiliar with what’s going on here, please refer to previous articles for more information. Today we are going to take a look at how to get one achievement for the game Shank 2, made by Klei Entertainment and EA. I am going to help you obtain the “And the Kitchen Sink” Achievement. Here we go.

Achievement: And the Kitchen Sink

Description: Find the kitchen sink and kill someone with it

Gamerscore Points Earned for unlocking:  5

While the second part of the description is self explanatory, the first part may be a little bit more difficult to figure out. The Kitchen Sink is located in the seventh stage of the single player campaign entitled “The Last Resort,” and here is how you find it. After going up the flight of stairs to exit the main building that your character has been in for almost the entire level, you will enter into an open area with enemies coming from either side. Take out all of them and then continue moving to the right.

You will now notice that there are a series of descending platforms in this area, and once Shank has dropped down from the last one, there will be a hole located on the left side of the screen. Go towards it. Once you have entered this area keep walking all the way to the back of the room to find the kitchen sink. Pick it up with the right button, throw it at an enemy a couple of times with the b button until he is dead and five more points should be added to your gamerscore.

Well I hope that I helped you earn some easy achievement points, and if there are any other one(s) that you are stuck with, let me know by leaving a comment below this post. Have fun everybody!

P.S.- Sorry about the image not relating to the achievement, I just couldn’t find one for it.