Unlock or Delete: Mass Effect 3 Demo

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovebirds out there. If you are lonely this Valentine’s Day, don’t feel bad, you’re not the only one. I find that the second thing better than love is none other than the demo for the most anticipated game of the year, Mass Effect 3. Who needs to spend hundreds of dollars on someone else when you can go home and download demos for free on the PSN, Xbox Live, or PC. Mass Effect 3 is supposed to be the last chapter in the trilogy; can Bioware pull it off again for the third time? I have complete faith in Bioware, but let’s see if the demo can give us a taste of what we can expect in Mass Effect 3.

The Good: The demo consists of two parts; the first appears to be the intro of how the Reapers invade earth, and the second half is more combat involved. You’re able to choose between a variety of classes and you can also choose what type game you wish to play, Action, Role-Playing or Story. For example, if you like action but don’t care for the decision making process, then action you will get. This is great if you’re new to the Mass Effect series, but also great for those veterans who would have loved  role playing in the past. The leveling system is similar to the previous ME2 game, with some revisions. You can now barrel roll, and the abilities that belong to each class are almost unchanged with some of them added to each one. Most of the cast from the first game are back in your team, if you didn’t let them die that is. You can go back and play the demo several times with different classes, choose different dialogue, or take a different approach. It’s just a demo, but it can prep you for the real deal next month. The main focus is on the story in how it will end and all I can say is, it’s going be awesome.

The Bad: Make sure to play this demo after your dinner date or after any other physical activity with your loved one because you will be playing Mass Effect 3 more than once as either Paragon or Renegade and taking different routes. Trust me, you will have fun and will be on the demo for a long time.

The Ugly: For the rest of you, the ugly truth is that no one loves you and you probably feel lonely so do yourself a favor, chin up, and instead of eating chocolate download ME3, play it, kick some reaper ass, and build a close relationship with one of your teammates.

Final Verdict: Need I say more? Download it NOW! Enough said!


I chose the PS3 version because I already pre-ordered my copy on this console and you never know when they will give out a bonus item for playing the demo when the game drops.

Check out the TQcast demo experience below:

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