Mutant Blobs Invade PS Vita

Independent developer DrinkBox Studios confirmed today that its PS Vita title Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack is through final testing and on target to make launch. The game is officially set to be released in the North American PlayStation Store on February 21, 2012, and in supported PAL territories on February 22. DrinkBox also revealed that the game will be specially priced at just $7.99 in North America.

“We’re thrilled to have Mutant Blobs Attack as one of the first PS Vita downloadable titles, and for us to have hit our day-one launch goal,” said Ryan MacLean, CEO of DrinkBox Studios. “Everyone at DrinkBox Studios is super happy with the end product and we decided to sell it for only $7.99. It’s a crazy low price point. Insanely low. I’m insane. HUUAGGGGH Backflip!”

In celebration of the release of Mutant Blobs, DrinkBox Studios also revealed that they have created a new premium bundle for the game’s PS3 predecessor, Tales from Space: About a Blob.

“We’re also going to start selling the original About a Blob for $7.99 and a new bundle pack with About a Blob and bunch of DLC for $9.99. I’m crazy for setting these prices, but you’d be crazier for not taking advantage of them. Don’t be like me.”