Major Retailer Discounts iPad 2 By $70, Ahead Of iPad 3 Release

Major retailer, Meijer, has given the iPad 2 a significant discount of $70. The discount applies to the 16GB version and is only available in stores starting February 12-18, or while supplies last. Meijer will not include rain checks or any substitutions. But thats not all! Meijer is also discounting the Apple Smart Cover by $5. This isn’t a huge discount, but it does give us a huge clue of what we can expect in the coming weeks. iPAD 3!

If Apple continues their release trend, then we will definitely be seeing the next iPad pretty soon. What better way to make room for the iPad 3 than by clearing out your whole inventory of iPad 2’s.

  • Nice price. But you can get three Kindles for the price of one iPad.

    • Illmatic


      •  Vita>PSPgo

        • Illmatic

          Why Vita?

          •  Why not? It’s like my grandpapi used to say; in life, we must succeed to bring the fruit home. I never really understood what he meant, but Vita means life.