Unlock or Delete: Syndicate Co-op Demo (Xbox 360)

Sometimes there are decisions that we make based on the most simple of circumstances, which is definitely the case when it comes my latest experience with the Syndicate Co-op Demo. Upon first glance, this game looked like it was going to try and do something different with the shooter genre, but after playing through everything it had to offer, I really wished I could get that 30 minutes of my life back. If this is supposed to be a resurrection of an old franchise for a new age of gamers, then this development team needs to take a long hard look at just how bland everything is and try again.

The demo is about 724 MB and is currently available for download on the PSN and Xbox Live.

The Good: Shooting mechanics feel tight and responsive, the ability to heal teammates as long as they are within range of your character is kind of cool.

The Bad: The level design is bland and lifeless, there isn’t much variety as far as enemy types are concerned. Being able to see enemies through walls may seem cool, but it doesn’t really add any type of strategic element to the game whatsoever. Worst of all, the demo is extremely short and will probably take you no longer than 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

The Ugly: The overall difficulty level was extremely inconsistent and the demo froze up on me quite a few times for no reason at all.

Final Demo Verdict: Been there, done that, don’t want to play any more of it, deleting demo as we speak.

I went with the Xbox 360 version because that is the system I play demos on the most, simple as that.

  • Fearthereaper07

    who ever wrote this forum is a vagina and complains to much the coop is solid and addicting so dont buy it jesus christ lol