WWE Allstars (3DS) Review

Genre: Fighting
System: Nintendo 3DS
Review By: Illmatic

I’ll start this review by saying that I have never been a huge fan of wrestling games. Not because I don’t like the sport, or not even because I don’t like fighting games. In fact, I love fighting games, I even have a soft spot for wrestling somewhere in my heart. The reason why I never liked wrestling games was for one simple reason, the controls. After playing WWE ALLSTARS for some time now, I came to find that wrestling games can be an awesome experience, and you’ll be glad to know that WWE ALLSTARS offers one hell of an experience.

Fun Factor: WWE ALLSTARS is unlike most wrestling games you may have played. This title is a lot less technical and a lot more fun. The game plays like a wrestling game but toned down a bit so that it still has an arcade feel to it. ALLSTARS also offers over the top moves and finishers not found in any wrestling game. This alone should bring in new players who have never enjoyed traditional wrestling games. While playing Allstars, I couldn’t help but remember the good ol’ days when wrestling games were actually fun to play. With that in mind, this game did make me feel like I was playing Wrestlemania for the SEGA GameGear, which isn’t a bad thing.

Gameplay: Like most sports games, WWE ALLSTARS has a few different gameplay modes. “Path of the Champions” and “Fantasy Warfare” are the two modes that fans and newcomers will be the most drawn too. Path of the Champions is a mode where you get to select your favorite WWE wrestler and take on some of the biggest names in WWE history in a series of matches, with the last match being the grand finale. If you can make it to the last match you might find yourself battling it out in Wrestlemania or even Summer Slam. Fantasy Warfare is a new mode that many WWE fans have wanted in wrestling games for some time now, thankfully THQ listened, and delivered. In Fantasy Warfare, you play the WWE Superstars vs the WWE Legends. Each match has pre-selected wrestlers to allow the player to see who is the greatest wrestler of all time!

Graphics: Considering this game is a 3DS game, the graphics in WWE ALLSTARS are done incredibly well. The character models are obviously done way out of proportion, but this only adds to the games cartoonish style. I did not encounter any hiccups or frame rate issues during my game play, which was surprising because it seems that most games today are trying to make frame rate issues a part of the experience. The lighting in the game is also done really well, making the over the top finishing moves absolutely gorgeous.

Sound: The music and sound effects in WWE ALLSTARS have also been done really well. Fans of WWE will enjoy the entrance songs from their favorite wrestlers while newcomers will have a chance to see just how cheesy some of these entrance songs really are. The announcers are witty and at times can be a bit redundant, but this shouldn’t distract from the awesome gameplay that is to be had.

Replayability: Due to the easy controls, nice visuals, awesome gameplay modes, and over the top action, this game will definitely get a lot of play. WWE ALLSTARS is one of those games that is great in small 20 minute bursts. I would definitely recommend this game to fans of WWE, and I would also recommend this game to fans of fighting games in general.

WWE All Stars 3DS