The last time I played a Final Fantasy game that I fully enjoyed and was looking forward to playing it after work or school was FFX for the PlayStation 2. I was excited when Square Enix announced that for the first time in the series, there would be a direct sequel (FFX-2) and when the game came out, I felt greatly disappointed. You must have guessed my initial reaction when I heard that there will be a direct sequel to FFXIII, I thought that it will be another mediocre game in the franchise. All that changed when I got to play it last summer and it felt refreshing, now that I have the full game and I’m currently putting the icing on the cake, everything feels, looks, and sounds far better than FFXIII. From the music to the adorable moogle, it’s above expectations. I am trying really hard to find any flaws within the game and I have only been able to find one or maybe two, the rest are just some fantastic improvements that make the experience enjoyable. These are some of the many things that make me gush over XIII-2

  • Deeper character development
  • The music is the best I have heard so far
  • Revamped game-play
  • I actually care about the storyline
  • Cinematic Sequences
  • CG Cut Scenes are still top notch
  • In some aspects Square Enix has taken a page from Western Developers
  • Moogle Madness

As I write this, I already feel like ditching work and going straight home to get more time with this gem, I am soaking as much as I can before writing my official and more detailed TQcast review later on this week. Is anyone else loving the game as much as I am?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is avilable for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360