Sanctum 66% Off Today On Steam

Sanctum, the incredibly fun FPS/tower defense hybrid by Coffee Stain Studios, is celebrating its multilanguage localization with a Daily Deal on Steam at 66% off! The game’s localization will now include Russian, Japanese, French, German (and more!). For those who’ve missed out on this game, at this new price with these many languages, this is the perfect opportunity to get addicted to this highly-strategic blast of a multiplayer game.

“We are absolutely thrilled to announce that Sanctum can reach a wider audience with added language support. We hope that this update, which obviously is free, will allow people an opportunity to play with their friends and competitors around the world more easily,” says Anton Westbergh, CEO and Producer of Sanctum.

Sanctum was one of the best-selling indies of 2011, with over 300,000 digital units sold. The game is constantly alive through a dedicated community and a consistent flow of updates. Since the launch, Sanctum has gotten a slew of new features and items — including two new weapons, seven new maps (at launch it had three) and four-player support, among other things.

“Being an indie developer, our resources can be very limited,” Westbergh continued. “Yet this has been an overwhelmingly positive experience, as our dedicated community has helped make what could have been a costly endeavor very affordable. We’ve always been interested in extending our reach, so we’re extremely grateful for the devoted community support in tearing down language barriers across the world.”