Sony Assures PS Vita Will Succeed With Sales Promotions

Sony has come out to assure consumers that there shouldn’t be a problem with the PlayStation Vita taking off. Despite trailing each month since its release to the Nintendo 3DS, Sony believes this will eventually change. A little help from Sony’s go-to commercial celebrity, Kevin Butler, appears to be on the horizon.

During a transcript third quarter conference call, Sony CFO Masaru Kato reminded everybody that the company sold 500,000 units in the first three weeks after launch, and sure, the company was trailing the 1 year old 3DS, but that the company was bullish on its prospects. “I think we had a very — a good start,” he said, and when asked further about the months ahead, Kato responded with “we don’t think we have any problems.” “Think” being the key word. In addition, Kato stated that the sales promotions plan they have will boost the Vita’s sales. (We’re anticipating to see a lot of Kevin Butler soon).

When the Vita was announced at last year’s E3 conference, its $249.99 price received a nice cheer from the attendees. However, after almost 7 months since its announcement, the $249 cost is starting to feel overpriced. Think about it, a PS3 for $249.99 or a PlayStation Vita? A few moves by Sony have also shown that the company may be starting to think twice about its pricing for the Vita and its games. Recently, Sony unleashed a $299.99 PlayStation Vita Launch bundle with tons of extras. In addition, recent reports have claimed that the downloadable version of Vita games will be cheaper than the retail versions. Seems like the key, or at least an instrumental part of the key, may be the price in conjunction with their sales promotions.

It’s will be interesting to finally see what kind of sales numbers the US and Europe pull off. The PlayStation Vita launches in the US and Europe on February 22, 2012. PlayStation Vita sales are sitting at 535,423 units, with only 18,942 units sold in the last week.

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  • Fakeer

    PS3 is actually the over priced console.
    It came out 5 years ago!

    If you think about it the Wii launched at $249.99 at the same time as PS3.

    • Anonymous

      This is actually a very good point. They dropped the price last year but they really need a 199 model out there. Understandable the PS3 offers alot but a PS3 at 199 and they would have easily hit their goal of 15 million units this year.