Kazuo Hirai To Put Sony Back on Top With a New Approach

With the newly appointed title of President and CEO of Sony, Kazuo Hirai is ready to put Sony back on top. Hirai’s plans will bring things consumers will find beneficial, but most importantly, the CEO plans to advance Sony to a level the company should have been at years ago, while cutting product costs at the same time.

Kazuo Hirai intends to bring new ideas focused on software and services rather than continuing on Sony’s past successes. But, that’s not all; he’s ready to make Sony products reasonably cheaper. Kazuo Hirai has admitted that the tasks of putting Sony back on top will not be easy, but he is definitely ready to make the changes necessary to reinvent the brand. As recently reported by the Wall Street Journal, cutting costs is a big deal for Kazuo, and he wants to move quickly with these plans. “We can’t just continue to be a great purveyor of hardware products.”  Hirai’s goal is to centralize and unify decision making on new products rather than allowing individual units to make their own decisions.

Kazuo has also reiterated that it will be difficult to overcome the institutional inertia that has kept Sony from innovating as aggressively as it needed to for the past few years, stating “I don’t think everybody is on board” yet.

Reading about lowering the cost of Sony products is refreshing, but I really think that his focus on services may turn out to be the biggest success. Sony is in dire need of a breakthrough application or service, and we truly hope that Kazuo can make the necessary changes. We wish him and Sony the best.

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  • Anonymous

    I wonder where else they are going to cut costs when they are already using Foxconn, which is basically slave labor with working conditions so terrible the workers commit suicide and threaten mass suicide as protest. Hmm.

    • Anonymous

      I would never be one to disrespect the lives and deaths of my fellow man, but I find it almost aggravatingly hard to empathize with people who choose to take their own life as a result of bad, or even horrible working conditions, especially with mass suicides. I never liked the term slave labor. Slavery is a whole other world from bad work conditions, and even if you need every penny you earn Just to keep your life afloat, nobody is forcing these people to stay in a position that is so bad that they even contemplated suicide.

      • Anonymous

        Well I’m glad you get to live a life of moral superiority where you get to judge the lives and actions of others without even understanding their living situation, their working situation, or other factors that go into their well being. I also like how you act like slave labor isn’t still happening. Ok, so these people get paid about $.17 to do the most mind numbing, dangerous, hazardous, degrading work and they have no one to complain to, no one to help them out, and if they don’t do the work then someone else replaces them because their economy is so broken that they don’t have any other options, and the fact that our corporations go over there to exploit this situation is horrible. There are no regulations to keep these people safe. You seriously need to reassess how you view other people’s lives before you judge them. Also, slave labor is happening now when prisons force their inmates to do work, which also cuts out possible jobs for Americans. And it’s not contemplating suicide, these people are so desperate that they actually commit suicide, they end their lives because they want to provide something for their families or for various other reasons.

        Educate yourself and get off your high horse just because you don’t want to understand why people kill themselves just so that you can have your shiny new toys.

        • Anonymous

          You completely misunderstood my whole point.

          • Anonymous

            You’re right. I reread what you wrote and what I wrote. My apologies.

    • Richarddenauldo

      they can leave, they often go work these jobs being recruited from highschool, its good money, and the workers usually dont last more than year before going back home with all the money they have made, although it is obviously not as great as it sounds and of course could be lots of improvement, but insinuating that they are forced to work there is ridiculous

  • Good point, however, Sony is known as the overpriced products company many people love to hate. So I am sure there is room for price reductions. Also, keep in mind that Kazuo Hirai is a cool dude, eh.

  • Tumadre

    Its ridge raceeaaaaaaa + giant enemy crabs all over again!!!

  • Meniacleman

    Sony has never been anywhere else but the top in ter,s of quality and entertainment if you are talkin sales they are irrelevant when it comes to quality, paper plates sale more than high quality china why because they are cheap.