Unreleased Resident Evil Gameboy Color Game Could Leak Soon

Is it just me or is the Resident Evil name making a huge impact this year? There have been plenty of Resident Evil news stories and announcements lately, and today another unexpected RE story has surfaced. Apparently, back when the Gameboy Color was hot, Capcom had plans to release the original Resident Evil game for the handheld, but decided to drop it due to its poor quality. Well, a man claims to own two prototype cartridges of the unreleased Resident Evil game and has decided to release the code online … if you share your wealth with him.

The mystery collector is asking for $2,000 by February 29th. If the amount is reached, he will make the game available via a downloaded rom. The man has already racked up $1,597.81.

In other news, I have decided to put my Friday the 13th NES original cartridge up for sale. All I’m asking for is, $5,000 by April 13th.