Late Night Gamer: A Famitsu Magazine Sunday

I recently discovered a local San Diego Japanese bookstore that carries the popular Japanese video game magazine, Famitsu. I will admit, this is about to get pretty geeky, but I don’t care. You see, I’ve been on this Japanese video game crave for about a month now (it’s like a plague man) and I’ve been reading up on a lot of Japanese video game news lately via sites like, Gematsu, which covers Japanese gaming news, but in a language I can read. Gematsu’s editor-in-chief had me searching around my town for the magazine, (read here, on how his blog post inspired me to begin the Famitsu hunt journey). Anyway, I’ve been getting familiar with many of the trends and video games that are currently on fire in Japan thanks to the site and now I want all of it in my hands…literally.

Most of today’s “hot” video game news around the web always appears to be connected to the popular Japanese magazine, Famitsu. Well, at least for the news that I have been interested on lately. So, I decided to call the bookstore prior to taking the 8-mile drive (gas isn’t cheap nowadays). I was greeted in Japanese, it was cool – it felt different. I’m used to getting the whole yes, no, yes, no type of conversation when calling a local shop, but man, the lady was incredibly nice. She spoke English, so it was cool. I asked if they carried Famitsu and she said that they only had one copy. I was like “hold that shit for me, I’m on my way.”

I drove to the bookstore; the nice lady had it bagged for me, ready for pick up. I asked if they received the magazine every week, (Famitsu is a weekly magazine, released every Friday) and she told me that they do get it every week, however, they only receive one copy. I was like “wow” I have the only Famitsu magazine around town! Maybe not, but it’s still a cool feeling. Anyway, I don’t think I’ll be picking up the magazine every week, at least not yet. I need to learn how to read Japanese. The pictures are cool though. The price was about $9. Not bad for a 300 page weekly magazine, in my opinion. I was offered to subscribe to it, but I think I’ll use the money to get some Japanese reading classes.

So there you go. I have finished looking at the pictures…. seriously, I can’t read this shit.

If you live in San Diego, I’m not going to tell you what store carries it; I wouldn’t want you to take the only copy in town. For those outside of San Diego, the store is called “Sanseido Books” in Kearny Mesa, Yelp that shit. Good night!

If you or anybody you know, have any information on local San Diego personal Japanese reading tutors or instructors, please email me at

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    EEE I’m so going there when I get hoooooome.