Wii U users will have individual online accounts, could this be true?

Nintendo laid out their plans yesterday for a new online service that they are working on for 3DS and Wii called the Nintendo Network. While most of the ideas for it sounded great (paid DLC, the ability to purchase retail games through the sysem, etc.) there was one announcement in particular that stuck out to me in a big way, and that was the introduction of an individual online accounts system for the Wii U. Ever since the Wii came out, I have been waiting for the big N to get their act together and release a decent online system for one of their consoles, and now it looks like they have answered my prayers.

Aside from the announcement, and what I said in parenthesis, there are no other major details known about the service at this time. I’m sure some of you may be thinking too little too late, but for me I’m going with better late than never.

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  • This has been a much needed service/feature for Nintendo. I know it’s early, but I really think the Wii U (or what ever else they decide to call the next-gen Nintendo system) will be the console that makes Nintendo the must have system for any gamer, not just families or kids.  I’m more excited about the Wii-U launch than the Vita.