What’s Keeping You From Going Xbox LIVE Gold? This Should Convince You

We all know Xbox LIVE is arguably the best gaming service in existence, but the price of the service ($59.99) is a bit hard to convince gamers to go gold every year. Well, today the service gets a massive discount and right now you can get an Xbox LIVE 12 month subscription for only $35.99 as both a download code or card.

Amazon has both the download 12 month Xbox LIVE code and the 12 month membership card for only $36. You decide how you want it, now or later.

Check it out: Xbox LIVE 12 Month Gold Membership

  • Aibo

    Who wrote the article? All the article has it’s Amazon has sale on the Gold Live card.

    As for the reason, I don’t play online multiplayer games and don’t care
    about able to watch Netflix, ESPN or YouTube. I don’t post on Facebook
    or Twitter (not everyone want to post one’s life to the world).
    Currently I do have $1/month Gold Live and I still don’t use the Gold
    Live stuff.

    So, article author, try harder to give me reasons to subscribe Gold Live.

    • Djsrvice123

      maby you dhould not have a gold subscription at all i mean mayby you should just go back to the n64 days.Because it is clear that you don’t play online so my question to you is why pay for online .Online multiplayer is the best again why are you on xbox live???

      • Aibo

        I prefer single player story. Online multiplayer has no story, mostly just shooting each other. What’s the fun in that?

        I’m trying out Cloud Storage which requires Gold Live.

  • Pittsburgh4life

    What the difference where you get it from, me personally I like the convenience of microsoft automatically withdrawn the 12 month service from my account.

  • Robinsonjerome99

    X-box live is ripping me off , i live in Bermuda and have had x box lie for nearly 10 years and now i cant get all of the perks like all of the movies, and apps. Lets get it together Microsoft and stop ripping off your international customers!